My #Teacher5ADay Pledges

Remember that first-day-at-university feeling? The tiny fish, big sea on? The one where everybody around you is suddenly SO articulate and confident, and you realise just how little you actually know after all? I’m a bit like that with well-being at the moment. (See previous blog.) HOWEVER, I’m never one to turn down a challenge, so here are my very own pledges for 2015. They all fall under the umbrella of my word of the year: ‘balance’.

1. I will be kind. To myself and to others. I will pay attention to my health, listen to what my body and mind are telling me, and do the Right Thing. Own seatbelt first.

2. I will tether my natural inclination to impatience. I won’t expect answers to come straight away. I will take it a day at a time.

3. I will spend at least an hour a day actually interacting with my family. I will lie on the sofa covered in children for at least an hour every weekend. I will not play games on my phone whilst watching the latest series (drives @tvrav insane!).

4. I will find my voice and use it. With prudence, with sensitivity, but with assertiveness too.

5. I will stay determined, energetic and hopeful and continue to give this job the best I possibly can, whilst knowing that good enough has to be good enough.

3 thoughts on “My #Teacher5ADay Pledges

  1. I really like, these, Emma, especially the ‘sometimes good enough has to be good enough’. In these days of ever increasing pressure to reach higher and higher standards, that’s so hard. So on the occasions when you miss achieving any of these pledges, I hope you’ll remember that one, too!

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