Thank you. Counting (Twitter) blessings…

I’ve been fairly quiet in the Twittersphere of late, but a brief exchange has just brought home to me what an impact it’s had on my research, career and life. As a direct result of being on Twitter, I have, in the last two years:

Accumulated dozens of practical strategies and ideas which I’ve taken directly to my students and colleagues.

Kept abreast with the most up-to-date education news and developments.

Collected original and fascinating research data for my Doctorate.

Visited several wonderful schools and met numerous inspiring teachers and leaders.

Had my research published in various forms.

Had numerous free offers from quality proof-readers.

Spoken for the first time – and many times since – in public about my research and work.

Received personalised, cost-free and quality coaching from a volunteer.

Had on-call advice and support from some of the most respected professionals in the UK.

Been invited to attend and present at numerous conferences and TeachMeets, which have been, without fail, inspiring and exciting.

Been given regular ‘Friday hugs’.

Had direct contact with heavyweight educational idols.

Had out-of-the-blue contact with people I’ve met and found interesting or clever.

Initiated conversations with some of education’s biggest ‘heavyweights’ which would otherwise not have been possible.

And most importantly, I have:

Had my assumptions and complacencies regularly challenged.

Been jolted out of negative or stagnant thinking.

Received genuine and meaningful empathy and solidarity during very difficult periods.

Put words to challenging or difficult ideas or concepts I wouldn’t have discussed in any other forum.

Had reality checks that my bravest of friends might not have dared voice but that I needed to hear.

Realised I’m part of a much bigger and more vibrant educational community than I was previously aware of.

Made some truly superb new friends.

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