#threewords To Sum Up Your Half Term: Anything Is Possible

These are mine, because I’ve rediscovered my teaching and leadership mojo. Because, though it hasn’t been without its challenges, I’ve always had a reason to feel excited and optimistic as I’ve driven into the school drive. Because I admire and respect my colleagues and feel proud of what we’ve achieved. Because I admire the school, its ethos, and what we achieve every day. Because we’ve all been tested – there have been tears and frustrations and germs and confusion – but we’ve come so far. Because ‘we’ as actually starting to feel like ‘we’, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. Because my colleagues and students inspire my every day. Because six months ago, I wouldn’t have imagined I’d be in this role, but I’m loving (almost) every moment. Because people are respected, nurtured and loved and everybody says ‘good morning’.

More importantly, because of the infectious exuberance of our students, whose love for learning manifests itself in boundless energy. This can be annoying (and loud!), at worst, but is never malicious and never ill-meaning. Our students come from all over, but they share a genuine respect for education and shared aspirations to be as good as they can be. Those who don’t speak it love learning English and are fiercely focused on progressing as fast as they can. Those who’ve seen and heard things most of us couldn’t imagine feel genuinely lucky to be here and are making the most of every second. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, anti-immigration types.

Our students admire and respect their teachers and what they do, and the feeling is mutual. What more can you ask? With students and teachers like this, and a school like this, anything is indeed possible.

3 thoughts on “#threewords To Sum Up Your Half Term: Anything Is Possible

  1. Having had two rubbish days and because I miss colleagues and especially Liz this has made me smile. I envy your position Emma and am so thankful you found it 🙂

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