Case studies sought for book: Surviving and Thriving in Teaching

For my book – provisional title, How to Survive and Thrive in Teaching – I’m looking for people willing to share their stories. In addition to my survey -if you haven’t completed it, please do – it’s HERE! -I’m going to be looking for at least 5 teachers or ex-teachers for case-studies in my research on teacher wellbeing and retention. Options would be either to provide an account of your story in writing or to be available for a 1:1 interview. I am based in Herts/London.

Broad categories:

  • A long-serving teacher (30 years plus) who still loves their job
  • Someone who has walked away from the profession
  • A senior leader or Head who actively priorities teacher wellbeing and is willing to talk about retention issues
  • A thriving NQT who has experienced challenges but still loves the job
  • A teacher of around 10 years experience who is still in the job and enjoys many elements of it, but may be feeling jaded/trapped

Ideally, I would like to cover a range of contexts: urban and rural, male and female teachers, successful schools and struggling ones, primary and secondary, independent and state…

All individuals and schools will be completely anonymised and I will not share any of your information without your permission.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please could you email me a quick summary of your story to


1 thought on “Case studies sought for book: Surviving and Thriving in Teaching

  1. 32 year career in schools, until first wife died, plus ten since in portfolio of activities. Not sure if it fits any of your categories, but happy to be involved if helpful.

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