Who I am, what I do (or not, of course)


I thought this was a brilliant idea from Rory from the outset and vowed to contribute immediately. I found it surprisingly difficult even as (or because?) I was inspired by the wisdom, profundity, starkness, humour and sheer brilliant of others.

How on earth to say ‘who I am’ at all, let alone on a public, all-seeing forum? Depending on the year, the day, the perspective, the mood, I can be many things. So here it is – from numerous perspectives, some amazingly perceptive, others deeply-held truths, others still grossly unfair or ill-informed assumptions. Who I am, what I do, unapologetically full of contradictions, silences and deliberate or accidental ‘truths’.


I am:

One of life’s do-ers.

A bit of a chameleon – different things at different times.

Exactly what you see – authentic to the core.


Utterly reliable.

Persistently, sometimes irritatingly optimistic.

Not a fan of routine.

A (sometimes tedious) over-thinker.

A believer in people.

Rather naïve.

A breath of fresh air.

Moody and unpredictable.

A leftie.

Of the opinion that Russell Brand’s views are dangerous and irresponsible.

Really rather eccentric (what’s she doing now?)

Fiercely righteous.

A bit needy.

A former cat-lover (til they started using the kids’ bed as a toilet)

A non-conformist.

Infinitely loyal.


Rather shy.

Fiercely independent.

A chatterer.

A never-giver-uper.

A bit skittish.

Stubborn as hell.

Rubbish at housework.

Always wiling to do what I demand of others.

Fundamentally happy.

A worrier and a brooder.

A can-do-er.

On it, Miss Man.

That teacher who understood.

A bit of a cynic.

Still in touch with students from a decade ago.

The person who ‘made [someone] a better teacher’.

A bit intense.

Passionate and enthusiastic.

Bare deep.

A grammar fiend.

Increasingly able to see the funny side, the darker the better.

Inclined to want people to like me and act accordingly.

One of life’s enablers.

Sporadically sporty.

A Radio 4 addict.

Hyper and lacking in an off-switch.

A worshipper of sleep.

An inspiration to some.

A crutch to some.

Mum to many.

Not as ambitious as I could have been.

Full of adventure.

Opposed to physical risk.

Vaguely musical.

Allergic to DIY.

A romantic.

A pragmatist realist.

Inept at singing and dancing.

More focused and centred with age.

Fiercely ambitious.

Passionately committed to comprehensive education.

Utterly accepting.

Garbled and verbose.

Thoroughly blessed.

Infinitely giving – not always to the right people at the right times.


A nail-biter.

A fan of sparkly nail-varnish.

A hater of superficiality and artifice.

Rather silly.

Completely lacking in fashion-sense.

A lover of the city.

A Home Counties dweller.

Devoted to clothes which show me as I am.

A liability in high-heels.

A traveller.

Someone who hasn’t been beyond France since having children.

A bon-viveur.

Always first to skulk to bed.

Full of spontaneity.

A teenager at heart.

In possession of a few of my zebra stripes or a little wisdom.

A hater of a paper.

A bibliophile.

A rare-wearer of make-up.

A regular changer of hairstyle.

A people-pleaser.

An office-hater.

A Berlin-lover.

Happiest in direct proportion to amount of time spent with people under 18.


I am a mother, wife, friend and a teacher.

I am a  do-my-best and strive-to-believe-it’s-good-enough-er.