Guest Blog 14: Surviving, Thriving… or Walking Away.

My Guest Blog for @exitteaching

Exit Teaching

In January, I embarked on a book for Bloomsbury Education entitled How to Survive and Thrive in Teaching, due for completion in January 2017.  The book came about through a combination of sheer serendipity, my doctoral research on balancing teaching and parenthood ( and my own blog, charting my recent experiences in the classroom and beyond: Underpinning my writing (and indeed all of my enterprises) is a passionate commitment to a profession I love and a fierce and hard-wired optimism. A belief that it’s important to acknowledge the many challenges we face, but that it’s possible, with the right combination of strong leadership, self-discipline and moral integrity, to overcome these challenges.

Since starting the book, I’ve been inundated with stories, anecdotes and data from teachers across the UK and beyond. Some stories are optimistic and positive; teachers and leaders who are fulfilled, happy and know they…

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